I have enjoyed this course very much. I had a great time designing everything we have made and making new friends. This course made me want to design more outside of this class. This class was nothing like I anticipated entering and had a blast. This was a nice course to come into at the end of each day and relax. I thought this course was going to be you picking our projects, but being able to do our own thing and at our own pace.

I would have to say you were a ten out of ten. I have to rate you at this level because you interact and always help out when any one of us needed it. You are one of very few teachers who do this that I have had so far.

To make this a course better for me I could have designed bigger and better posters. I would probably take this course again knowing what I know now because I would be able to accomplish more. I would also take this course again to take some of the time to learn more about illustrator and photoshop. This has been a great class and course to me and I had tons of fun.



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